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Kelsang Dechen
 is an inspiring example of a sincere Buddhist practioner and was ordained by Venerable Geshe Kelsang in 2009.

Dechen teaches regularly at the Centre.






Kelsang Sangkyong has been ordained since 2008 and moved to Tushita Centre from Joburg in May 2017.

He taught for several years in Joburg & Pretoria and now gives regular classes at the Centre. His light and joyful approach to the teachings is proving infectious.






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Sheila Selfe
 has been following the Buddhist path for many years and is a dedicated Kadampa practitioner. She has a busy family life and shows a good example of combining meditation with daily life.

Sheila teaches the Sunday morning classes in Simon’s Town.





ekinEkin Kench has been teaching Buddhism & Meditation for many years. She teaches the children’s meditation class monthly on Saturdays.