Entering Buddhism: Refuge Teaching & Vow Ceremony


April 1, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Tushita Centre
21 Loch Rd
Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700
South Africa
R180 - free for members
021 685 3428

We know from experience that the everyday things of this world – our jobs, relationships, possessions, status, etc. – cannot supply us with real security or happiness. All of these things are fleeting. Finally, they vanish altogether. Establishing inner refuge in our mind and heart is the foundation for experiencing freedom and joy here and now….and on into the future.

In this teaching Gen Pagpa will explain the deeply enriching practice of going for refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha everyday, the means whereby we enter into Buddhist practice. This will be followed by a Refuge Ceremony, for those who wish to receive the special blessings of refuge and to formally become a Buddhist.

Everyone is welcome. However, the course is geared toward those who have been attending classes for awhile and wish to move deeper into their practice.

This event will be followed by a refuge day retreat on Saturday, 8th April.

9.30 – 11:00am     Meditation and Teaching
11.00 – 11.30am     Refreshments
11.30am – 12.30pm    Refuge Ceremony
12.45pm – Lunch in the garden (by donation)

Please book ahead by email: info@meditateincapetown.org


Gen Kelsang Pagpa is the National Spiritual Director for the New Kadampa Tradition in South Africa. He is also the Resident Teacher of Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Cape Town and gives meditation classes, half-day courses, day and away retreats throughout the year. Gen Pagpa was ordained in 1996 by his Spiritual Guide Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

He is well known for teaching in a light and practical way and shows us how to solve our problems and find true happiness.


Author: Kelsang Pagpa