What is Real Love?

Half-day Course Saturday 8th February
@ Tushita Kadampa Meditation Centre, 47 Trill Rd, Observatory
9.30am-1.15pm with Buddhist Monk, Kelsang Sangkyong

Pure love never causes pain. Love is a mind that just wishes others to be happy. The pain comes from attachment to & dependency on another person.

On this half-day course we will learn to distinguish between love and attachment, explore the real nature of love and pain, and how to use this understanding to improve and deepen our relationship with others.

Cost: R250 for non-members incl. refreshments

Please email info@meditateincapetown.org

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Kelsang Sangkyong gives regular classes at Tushita Centre. He has a light and joyful approach to sharing Dharma teachings. He has been teaching at Tushita Kadampa Meditation Centre since May 2017.