Tushita KMC has been giving meditation classes at COSAT high school, Khayelitsha since 2013. COSAT’s motto is ‘No excuses, only success’ and this is exemplified by their high standards – the school is one of the top performing schools in the province and is attended by children from the Khayelitsha area.

Here are pictures from the the school class at the end of January 2019:


Here are a few of the feedback comments from the children about the benefits of their meditation practice:

‘After the retreat last year I remember having a feeling that everything was ‘golden’. I felt a sense of love for everyone and everything in a way that I had never experienced before.’ Aviwe, aged 15.

‘If we have inner peace then we realize that there are things we thought we couldn’t do because we did not discover our pure selves. Inner peace helps us to define ourselves and be a great example to others.’ Alulutho, aged 15.

‘Meditation allows me to step outside the situation, see myself as the observer rather than the victim and relaxes my body and mind.’ Lisakhanya, aged 16.

‘Through meditation about patience, endurance, showing kindness without expecting anything in return; and also how to attain inner peace I have learned how to actually be truly happy.’ Sinalo. aged 15.