Community Outreach

Meditation & Mental Health

School and Group Visits

Tushita KMC supports the Cape Town communities by providing customised group teachings on Buddhism and meditation at the request of schools, NGOs, NPOs and local businesses. Helping people to find inner peace through meditation and positive thinking not only helps the individual but creates the opportunity to expand peace and happiness into school and work environments and our wider community.

Visiting Tushita KMC is a wonderful opportunity to see an authentic, modern Buddhist Centre with beautiful statues of Buddha from the inside, to ask questions to experienced practitioners, and to try some simple meditations. You could also invite a teacher from Tushita KMC to visit your organisation to explain how Buddha’s teachings help us find inner peace and contenment in the midst of our busy lives, and some basic meditation techniques.

Our teachers are both male and female, lay and ordained. If you want to find out more or arrange a visit please contact Tushita KMC.


If you want to talk to someone it is possible to ask for a meeting with one of our Buddhist practitioners, including an ordained monk or nun. We will listen and may be able to give some good advice on how to deal with the hardship you are experiencing.

On request we can also attend funeral services or engage in a practice (powa) to help the diseased after their passing away, and we are open to give mental support to people in hospitals, prisons or universities if there may be a need for this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel we can help in any of these ways.