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4-6 Dec | Away Retreat

The Path to the Pure Land

The profound practice of transference of consciousness

with Gen Kelsang Namkhyen

We are alive, therefore we will die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of our existece. On this retreat we learn how to prepare for death and transfer our consciouness to the Pure Land of a Buddha when we die. In this way, instead of something to be feared or denied, death can become a positive experience.

The retreat will be held in Goedgedacht, a beautiful old 1704 farm, situated on the slopes of Kasteelberg near Riebeek Kasteel. The tranquility, clean mountain air and fresh spring water lends itself as an idyllic getaway for a retreat. For more information about Goedgedacht please click here.

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9-10 Jan | Weekend Retreat

Buddha Amitayus Retreat

with Kelsang Sangkyong

On this retreat we will engage in the meditation practice of Buddha Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life. This beautiful practice helps us to increase our lifespan, wisdom, and positive energy. A wonderful start of the new year!

Everyone is welcome. You can join as many sessions as you wish.

Schedule for both days:
10:00-11:15am – Session 1
12:00-1:15pm – Session 2
3:00-4:15pm – Session 3

All sessions are free of charge and booking in advance is not necessary.