Tushita KMC Meditation Classes


Sundays | 10.00-11.30am

Meditation is Magical

With Gen Kelsang Namkhyen

Meditation is becoming more and more popular, as people begin the discover it’s many, sometimes life-changing, benefits. Meditation will help us find inner peace, let go of negative habits of mind, develop positive habits of mind, and gain experience of the many levels of spiritual realization. On this series of meditation classes we will learn all the ins-and-outs of meditation so that we can confidently set up our own meditation practice.

After the class there is free tea and coffee, and an opportunity to ask questions informally, meet other people, or simply relax sitting in the garden.

R80 | Free for members
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Tuesdays | 7-8pm

What is Real?

With Chantelle Davies

What is the nature of reality? Explore profound teachings that unravel the essence of existence, offering practical insights for daily life. Join us in a journey of self-discovery and understanding, as we delve into timeless wisdom to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace. Open to all, these classes aim to make Buddhist principles accessible and applicable to the challenges of modern living. Bring along an open mind and a note book. No previous experience necessary.

R80 | Free for members
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Fridays | 12.30-1pm

Finding Happiness from a Different Source

With Mary-Jane Mayer

Happiness and suffering are states of mind and so their main causes are not to be found outside the mind. This series of meditations consists of simple guided instructions with quiet spaces to focus on the object of meditation and experience the mental clarity and inner peace to which the meditation gives rise.

Everyone is welcome.

Free meditation class
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Drop in, meditate and leave happy

The drop-in meditation classes offer us the opportunity to learn different meditations and ways of thinking coming from Buddha’s timeless wisdom that will help us to find and maintain inner peace and solve our daily problems with anger, jealousy, attachment and other delusions. We will explore how to let go of negative views and mental attitudes that only make us unhappy by replacing them with a more positive and beneficial outlook on life, and we will discover the limitless potential in our own mind for love, compassion and pure joy.

Everyone is welcome. You can drop in any date you wish and pay at the door or book online.

Venue: Tushita KMC, 47 Trill Road, Observatory, Cape Town