Prayers for World Peace

Prayers for World Peace is a free meditation class. The classes include two guided meditations, a talk and inspiring prayers for world peace.

Prayers for World Peace are offered on the following Saturdays:

22 Oct
12 Nov
03 Dec

All classes are from 10 to 11am.

Everyone is welcome, and entrance is free!


Advice from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, 2001

“World peace is very important; we cannot ignore this now. Once something happens, it will be too late. This world is now, as you know, very delicate, very fragile, and very sensitive. It is almost as delicate as the life of a single person; the world situation is so delicate. This is because there are so many disagreements. Political leaders are ready to fight; everybody is preparing weapons ready to fight, and are challenging each other. So we religious practitioners need to offer prayers because prayers are very powerful. This is because of our pure motivation, the powerful words of the prayers themselves, and especially at such times enlightened beings will bestow their blessings upon us, our environment and other living beings. So we should pray for world peace. We have had two world wars. If there is a third world war this will almost destroy the world because every country has very powerful weapons, and it is very easy to destroy the world. So I would like to suggest that every center organizes prayers for world peace at any time when local people can gather and pray for world peace.”